Carpet Cleaning Evergreen

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you can’t do better than Chase. We provide impeccable carpet cleaning in Evergreen for carpets of all kinds, and our results speak for themselves. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a spilled glass of wine or some other mishap or if you’d just like to reveal a fresher, more pristine side to your carpet, we are at your service.

Don’t wait until your carpet visibly needs to be deep cleaned. The fact of the matter is that routine deep cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining and caring for carpeting of all kinds. As an experienced carpet cleaner, Chase understands the importance of regular deep cleanings. Our services will remove dirt, dust and other debris to render your carpet as good as new. Such contaminants can wear down carpeting and reduce its lifespan, so carpet our cleaning services are a worthwhile investment.


Evergreen is roughly 29 miles west from Denver and the population is approximately 12,000 with an elevation of 7,220 feet.

Evergreen Lake, a popular recreation area, was created by damming Bear Creek in 1927. It sits above downtown Evergreen, which includes a mix of historic buildings and local businesses, including the well-known entertainment venue and restaurant The Little Bear.