Tea-washing, also known as henna washing or antiqued, creates an antique appearance.

Traditionally, carpets were tea-washed by putting them in tea. Chemicals or dyes are commonly used in today’s treatments.  This can present issues; for example, some chemicals can cause the rugs to stink; however, higher-quality rugs rarely have this problem.

Some people are allergic to the chemicals used in modern “Tea-washing,” which are frequently found in lower-quality rugs. Sadly, the “Tea-washing” is not permanent; it will wear off in some areas and wash away in others. Even a high-quality rug will lose its Tea-wash appearance over time.

Unscrupulous makers or marketers may Tea-wash a rug to conceal existing damage, like as a stain. After a good wash, these stains will show up, and the Tea-wash will not come off evenly. Cotton fringes lose the Tea-wash more quickly than rug fibers.