The sharp edges of sand, which is the same material as glass, dig into and cut the fibers in your wool rug. Sand is similar to shattered glass in that it causes wear and tear.

One of the best things about wool is how effectively it hides dirt. Scaled fibers can be seen when looking at a magnified image of wool. The scaled fibers hide and trap dirt, giving the impression that your rug is cleaner than it is. As a result, people frequently wait until they appear to be filthy before having them cleaned. It can be harmed with an incredible amount of abrasive dirt by the time it appears dirty.

The procedure unfolds gradually. Rugs will appear lifeless and dingy. Washing natural wool properly removes dirt and restores its luster. Depending on traffic, the quality of the rug, and whether it was vacuumed correctly, most carpets should be washed every one to three years.