Understanding Tuft Rugs

Tufted rugs differ from woven carpets in terms of manufacturing and quality.

On a woven rug, each knot is tied by hand. A tufting gun is used to create the tufted rug’s loops, which are then run through a piece of material before being bonded to the back of the rug.

About 5% of the market for these rugs is high end, with rugs costing thousands of dollars and created with high-quality materials.

The majority of these carpets can be created cheaply, but the wool rugs are genuinely economical. These carpets can have corners taken out of them, and marble dust is occasionally mixed in with the latex that holds the rug together. This can result in a breakdown on the road.

Tufted rugs are made by following a stencil pattern on the back of the rug; however, some stencils are not color fast and will bleed through the front or back of the rug.

The latex adhesive can also grow rotten or sour, resulting in major odor problems that are sometimes unavoidable.